Children’s Programs

Children raised in extreme poverty without love and security and opportunities for growth are more susceptible to be drawn into a life of violence, crime and terrorism. But when children are provided love and security, and given the opportunity to overcome poverty and break through their limitations, they create a better world.

Caring for children by providing for their basic needs.

Food, clothes, educational resources, mosquito protection and emergency medical care are some of the basic essentials that Juma’s World provides for orphaned children. Join Dreams for only $40 per month, and begin the process of bringing transformation to children in rural communities in Tanzania.

Empowerment Programs

It has been said that, “if you feed someone a fish, you feed him or her for a day. But if you teach someone how to fish, you will feed him or her for life.” But this is not always the case especially among the most vulnerable in society. For example, an orphaned child that lives on pennies a day often believes it is impossible for him or her to catch “fish.” A person’s subconscious sense of worth and identity may not accept that he or she has the power within to make something of his or her life.

To solve this challenge so prevalent among orphaned children, David Youngren developed a unique program called The Amazing Life that empowers children to break through their limitations, overcome deep-rooted fears and insecurities, and unleash the power of love. By training children’s caregivers and providing children with audio and dream curriculum, we are able to systematically bring children through a process of transformation. When children develop an inner confidence based on unconditional love and a limitless inner belief about their potential, they live their best life, and change the world around them.

Creative Arts

Essential to the development of children are programs and resources that stimulate creativity and innovation. But children raised in extreme poverty are often subject to an authoritarian structure that does not promote or value ingenuity. These children often become trapped in a world that does not provide the hope of a better future.

Since our approach involves building relationships with communities through developmental projects, we are able to easily implement creative arts programs such as photography, dance, theater, music, visual art, film and digital media. When children are placed in an environment where their imagination is positively stimulated, it brings about new confidence and allows them to dream for themselves and create a better world.

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