Why Juma's World?

We release children in Tanzania from extreme poverty.



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More than 40 million live on less than $1.25 per day in Tanzania…

Every child should have access to nutrition, health, protection, education, sanitation, water, and housing. But eight of 10 children in rural communities in Tanzania are deprived of at least three of these human rights. The single most important determination of childhood deprivation is the parents’ education. Deprivation is even more acute among children whose mother or father are no longer with them.

To end childhood deprivation, children, parents, and community elders must be educated, and provided a self-sustaining path out of poverty.

Community transformation changes everything.

Clean Water

Diseases from dirty water kill more people than all forms of violence, including war.


Without adequate nutrition, health care, and education, children will most often suffer life-long poverty.


Without proper shelter, children are highly likely to be subjected to abuse, crime and violence.


Without access to post-secondary education, poverty remains generationally in these communities.

How do we tackle generational poverty in rural communities?

Our purpose is to provide long-term self-sustaining solutions to end the cycle of systemic and generational poverty in rural communities. Although our solutions are malleable for each community, some of our services include: providing access to clean water and basic essentials for children such as food, mosquito nets and educational material. We also hold special camps for children in these communities to provide food, friendship, mentorship, team and dream building exercises, and creative art classes. When children are facing extreme poverty, we build
houses for them. The youth in our programs are also given the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education, where we pay for their tuition and school fees.

Watch stories of transformation…

The Story Of Juma In Tabora

Juma, the first child we helped, tells his story of transformation.

Clean Water In Malagosi

A village of 3500 residents in the Iringa district now have access to clean water.

Children Empowered In Inala

Every child when given the opportunity can move from surviving to dreaming about their future.

Your investment yields a return that lives on for generations

Our approach is centered around creating sustainable systemic changes. It’s a solid investment because we provide permanent solutions to fighting poverty among children. 

Here are three ways you can help

The craziest thing we can do is nothing.

Give $40 and change someone’s life

Be part of a team and volunteer in Tanzania

Leave a legacy in your own community in Tanzania

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